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Weather conditions play a big part when trying to determine the life of a flag, therefore a flag that is located in a more sheltered environment will last longer than a flag which is always out in a windy location.

The other key determining factor is how often the flag is utilised, for example a flag pole flag is usually put up the pole and it stays up there until it needs replacing. Street flags fall somewhere in between as they are usually put up for an event or a season so if the winds are kind you will get to re-use them! Then you have flags that are put out daily, you can expect these to last a lot longer as they are only being used half as much as the other flag examples used.

So how long? Taking into consideration the weather and use, a reasonable expectation would be a minimum of 3 months and anything up to 9 months. Thereafter your flag may still be intact but you can expect colour fade due to our high UV climate and material breakdown.

Your flag always needs to be able to fly freely.

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