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Colourworx-your image.  on anything.

Colourworx - your image. on anything.

Flag Maker is a division of Colourworx - the leading branding company.

Colourworx is a New Zealand owned and operated business that has been trading since 1999. The business can place your image on anything, providing a service that is professional, responsive and ultimately revolves around you and your business.Colourworx - your image.  onanything.

For more information on the services available from Colourworx please contact: sales@colourworx.co.nz

Velvet Events & Marketing

Flag Maker offers the services of their business partner Velvet Events & Marketing.

Velvet offers realistic and well managed project management of any event or marketing campaign, focusing on strategy, organisation, implementation and analysis.

For more information on the services available from Velvet please contact:

Claire Johnston | Mobile: 021 525 305 | Email: claire@velvetevents.co.nz

Velvet Events

TRIGA Display Solutions

TRIGA is a modular display system allowing the assembly of virtually any three-dimensional skeletal aluminium structures, which are easily clad in printed fabrics, or rigid, decorative panels.

Unlike many conventional displays, TRIGA displays can be expanded, contracted and continually reconfigured to meet ever-changing display requirements.

Triga Display Solutions


Graphic Glass has been making coloured glass splashbacks for almost 20 years using our proven colour system where our Australian based coatings manufacturer were the worldwide pioneers of the coloured glass splashback. Graphic Glass brought this technology to New Zealand and opened a bright and colourful dimension to kitchen design and functionality.

Graphic Glass