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Our very own New Zealand made i-Opener range, made of aluminium extrusion with twist lock poles and easily interchangeable fabric banner. These come in a variety of sizes including “The Tower” which can stand up to 4 metres tall.

Also available is the i-Rolla pull up unit.

Our E Z Up Tent is New Zealand made and comes in varety of sizes.


Available sizes:

iopener banner

    » 2300mm x 1200mm

    » 2100mm x 1000mm

    » 2100mm x 850mm

    » 2100mm x 600mm

    » Customised towers in a variety of sizes



Available sizes:

    » 600mm x 1970mm

    » 850mm x 2020mm

    » 1200mm x 1970mm

E Z UP Tent

E Z UP Tent

    » Standard 3000mm x 3000mm

    » Other size options available

    » We can print walls and roof



Great for outdoor displays, comes in sizes:


    » 1200mm x 600mm

    » 2000mm x 1000mm


    » 1000mm x 1000mm

Triga Display Solutions

Triga Display Solutions

    » Towers

    » Free Standing walls

    » Exhibition Booths

    » Promotional Tables

    » Wall mounts

    » Retail Merchandising

    » Custom Solutionss